Trump Just Turned The Media’s Own New Poll Against Them…They Are Going Nuts

President Donald Trump has proven once again that he is the master of the media. Today, Washington Post/ABC tried to publish one of their polls to discredit him and he flipped it Big League.

***The polls revealed, amongst other things, that 96%-98% of everyone that voted for Donald Trump is happy with their decision.

I’m sure they were trying to act like us Trump supporters are gullible or some other BS. Nope. President Trump hopped on twitter and took total control.


See what I mean? The focus of the poll was to the alleged 42% approval rating of our president.

The problem here is that most Trump supporters don’t watch ABC or read Washington Post because they are notorious liars. So how can their polls be even a tiny bit accurate?

Oh, and let’s not forget that the same poll also found that most Americans approve of his America First policies (75% to 25%), his handling of North Korea (46% to 37%), and his ability to keep his promises (44% to 41%). Of course, the media will never focus on that part.

If you have been on the Trump Train this whole time and think he is a great President so far, then do your part and help Spread this around to every Trump supporter you know.



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