TREASONOUS Hanoi Jane At It Again, DISGRACES President Trump! [VIDEO]

Hollywood actress Jane Fonda has long been controversial since the 60s.

She is most known for her actions during the Vietnam war, where she led protests in Washington, and then made a trip to Hanoi where she visited POW camps apologizing for America’s part in the war while our young soldiers were coming home in body bags.

Due to the controversy surrounding the trip, she was given the nickname ‘Hanoi Jane’ for being a traitor.

In the 70s she bragged about being on Nixon’s ‘naughty list’.

Now she is targeting President Trump and his supporters.

Via Poll type:

“Actress Jane Fonda stunned viewers of the Late Night Show when she told host Stephen Colbert that ‘Trumpers’ should use adult diapers to stop all of the leaks.”


“What an honor. If we find out I wasn’t on Trump’s enemies list, I will be very insulted,” Fonda said to Colbert, who is also a known to oppose Trump.

“It’s clear that her goal is to become an enemy of Trump with her little insults on these talk shows.

“She also dubbed Trump the “Predator and Chief” on Bill Maher’s controversial HBO show. Then, she continued to preach how celebrities should speak out against the government to push the buttons of the president.”

“Fonda noted that celebrities have an obligation to “bring attention to things that wouldn’t normally get attention.”

“She cited Meryl Streep’s Golden Globe speech as an example of a time where celebrities were able to ruffle the feathers of the President. Antics from celebs like Fonda and Streep might be celebrated in Hollywood, but most Americans scoff at their pompous attitude towards patriotism.”

How she’s not in prison for treason is beyond understanding. She has disrespected America over and over without being held responsible.

The Hollywood elitists need to keep their mouths shut and just do what they are paid to do–entertain.

Personally, no one in my household will not watch anything she is a part of, be it a movie or a TV show.

She needs to be put on blast so she gets the message that we still haven’t forgiven her for Vietnam.




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