O’Reilly Just Got Some Great News

Besieged and dethroned Fox News host Bill O’Reilly has received a bit of just compensation for what was his impromptu hiring after unproven accusations of sexual harassment were enough to have him thrown to the curb.

O’Reilly is reportedly set to be granted a severance package equaling $25 million dollars, or what would have been the value of one year of his contract. The amount has incensed the crack pots at CNN, but is a welcomed parting shot at the mainstream media’s sense of victory.

For the occasion, CNN dug up the most outraged female mouthpiece it could find to unleash an emotional tirade against Fox and O’Reilly.

It was left to a little known ESPN sports writer, Roxanne Jones, to fling the mud credentialed CNN reporters did not want linked to them. Jones called the millions “insulting”, a “golden payout”, “toxic”, and misogynistic.

O’Reilly’s show, which ran from 1996 until this year, was one of the highest rated shows and made Fox News a reported $200 million. O’Reilly has said he will fight the charges and has hinted that it is a Leftist conspiracy against him.



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