PRAISE GOD! What Washington Just Announced About Abortion Proves God Is On Trump’s Side!

We all know that Trump’s nomination to the Highest Court of the land, Neil Gorsuch, is now sitting on that bench.

And now, there is speculation that another Justice on the Supreme Court will retire soon!  Senator Chuck Grassley, Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, spoke in Iowa this week and said, “I would expect a resignation this summer,” reports the Muscatine Journal.

In law school, it was drilled into us the supreme importance of the Supreme Court. What it decides becomes the law of the land.  It is important that the public understands just how important the SCOTUS is because it affects all of our lives every single day.

Senator Grassley would not say which Justice it might be, and there are several possibilities, based upon age:  Ruth Bader Ginsburg is 84, Anthony Kennedy is 80 and Stephen Breyer is 78.

According to the ABA Journal, however, Justice Kennedy “is reportedly mulling retirement.”  Justice Kennedy came onto the SCOTUS during Ronald Reagan’s presidency.

Why is this so important and why does it show that God is on Trump’s, and our, side?  The University of California at Irvine Law Professor Richard Hasen explained:  “If progressives think the Supreme Court is conservative now, just wait.”  He further explained that, if President Donald Trump gets to appoint another replacement,  “there could well be five justices to overturn Roe v. Wade[.]”

How about that, you’ll?!

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