BUSTED: Republicans Take Down Democrat’s Personal Welfare Fraud Scheme

Welfare fraud accounts for billions — if not trillions of dollars in government waste every year. And while it’s usually a crime associated with illegal immigrants and those in the criminal underworld, sometimes it’s a former US Congressman who’s running the fraud. Such is the case with this occurrence here…

 This story comes to us from Chicago where Jesse Jackson, Jr. has been collecting over $100,000 in workers’ compensation, even though he pleaded guilty to looting his own campaign fund and served a prison term because of it!

Well, Republican Representative Rodney Davis has had enough and is working hard to change the law and shut down Jackson’s welfare scam.

From the Chicago Sun-Times:

“I believe if you’re a member of Congress and you are convicted of stealing campaign funds, you should not be eligible to receive workers’ compensation benefits. Members of Congress need to be good stewards of taxpayer money,” Davis said.

“We’re reviewing the process and possible legislative options to prevent the abuse of this program that is meant for honest-working taxpayers,” he said.

All federal workers, including members of Congress, are eligible for workers’ comp, according to the law, if they suffer “from injuries sustained in performance of duty while in service to the United States.”

Because of health privacy laws, the public is not entitled to know what kind of job-related injury Jackson, 52, said he suffered on June 1, 2012, while performing his duties as a member of Congress.

Unbelievable! Thank God there’s a Republican willing to take action and put an end to this.

The only reason that we are finding out about this now is because Jackson is going through a messy divorce from his wife — who also did time for helping him raid his campaign and wildly spending the money!

It’s a shame they’re breaking up… it seems like they really deserved each other.

So, what do you think? Is the mental anguish that Jackson experienced on the job worse than the kind that 95% of the rest of the country goes through each week? I seriously doubt it.

Go get a real job, Jesse, and then tell us how much you deserve your six figure income with the government making your childcare payments. What a joke!



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