Trump Scrambles Fighter Jets After Putin Does THIS — This Could Get UGLY!

In a test of Trump’s presidency, Russia sent two nuclear-capable bombers to within 100 miles of Kodiak Island in Alaska on Monday night, forcing the US to scramble fighter jets to intercept them.


The two Russian Tu-95 “Bear” bombers flew roughly 280 miles southwest of Elmendorf Air Force Base, within the Air Defense Identification Zone of the United States.

The U.S. Air Force scrambled two F-22 stealth fighter jets and an E-3 airborne early warning plane to intercept the Russian bombers.

The American jets flew alongside the Russian bombers for 12 minutes, before the Russian bombers reversed course and headed back to their base in eastern Russia.

So, you may be asking… when was the last time that Russia pulled a stunt like this?

Also from FoxNews:

The last time Russian bombers flew near the U.S. was July 4, 2015, when a pair of Russian bombers flew off the coasts of Alaska and California, coming as close as 40 miles to Mendocino, Calif.

Russian President Vladimir Putin called then-President Barack Obama to wish him a happy Independence Day while the bombers cruised the California coastline.

Wow! My how the times have changed!

Tell me again why Putin would rather have Trump in the White House instead of Hillary???

Thank God Obama is out of office and Trump is in! It’s good to have grown-ups who care about our country running the show in Washington again!



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