87 Days Into His Presidency, Trump Does THIS – Nobody Was Expecting This…

Before he took office, Donald Trump promised that he would crack down on illegal immigration like no leader had before. Now, 87 days into his presidency, Trump is doing just that!

Allen B. West reported that a major problem over the past few years has been the astounding number of Haitians entering the U.S. illegally. Trump began to crack down on this as soon as he took office, and the results of his efforts are now in.

New reports indicate that illegal immigration from Haiti appears to have nearly dried up in the two months since Mr. Trump took office. Six months ago, U.S. Customs and Border Protection officers were encountering over 100 Haitians entering ports of entry illegally per day. In March, that number dropped to below 100 for the entire month, representing a decrease of 97%.

Rep. Duncan Hunter, a California Republican who was one of the first to expose this issue, has praised Trump for what he has done.

“The fact that these numbers are not just down, but so significantly reduced, is a direct credit to the Trump administration,” said Joe Kasper, Mr. Hunter’s chief of staff. “It shows what a message of enforcement first signals to the rest of the world and the extent to which the Obama administration’s policies were a problem.”

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