‘Muslim Police Force’ Try To Enforce Shariah Law In US Town – Americans Fight Back With THIS

Disturbing reports have come in from a Minneapolis, Minnesota suburb indicating the presence of Muslims posing as a police force, wearing uniforms.

Muslim are reportedly trying to take over the Cedar-Riverside neighborhood by dressing in bogus police uniforms and patrolling the town, enforcing Sharia law. The town has an inordinate number of Somalian refugees in it, so it took a long time for someone to actually notify the police.

When Minneapolis police officers finally caught up with this Muslim gang, they were stunned to find them in full uniform being led by Abdullah Rashid, who thought that he was doing nothing wrong by enforcing Sharia law in America.

Rashid, 22, is a native of Georgia who started patrolling the Cedar-Riverside area in uniform telling people not to drink, use drugs, or interact with the opposite sex. If he saw a woman dressed in a way he deemed inappropriate, he would tell her to wear a hijab. He had enlisted a group of 10 men, ages 18 to 25, to help him patrol the area.

In a recent interview, Rashid said it was his goal to turn Cedar-Riverside into a “sharia-controlled zone” where Muslims are learning about the proper practices of Islam and “non-Muslims are asked to respect” it.

“People who don’t know me would say I’m a terrorist,” he said. “I’m someone who’s dedicated to Islam and trying to help the community all ways I can.”

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