BOOM! Trump Slaps Down Liar Rice

One of the more refreshing characteristics of President Trump is his unfiltered honesty and boldness to speak his mind. While this may tweak the Establishment protocol and leave ‘safe-space’ libtards breathless in angst, it is a trait that has caused him to become beloved by his supporters.

While being interviewed by Fox Business host Maria Bartiromo on April 12, Trump was asked what he thought of former Obama national security advisor Susan Rice’s claim that she did not have politics in mind when she unmasked Trump aide General Michael Flynn.

“Does anybody really believe that?” Trump replied. “Nobody believes that, even the people that try to protect her in the news media.”

The President used the opportunity to throw Leftist lies back into their faces by reminding viewers that the New York Times even ran a story that stated wiretaps had been used against Trump and his transition team. The Times has since re-spun that headline to avoid shaming the Left.



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