Look What Hillary Clinton Was Just Spotted Doing Last Night…

Last night, failed Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton gave an interview in which she blamed WikiLeaks and FBI Director James Comey for her loss to Donald Trump. Afterward, she sped off to Broadway to attend yet another Broadway show.

Daily Mail reported that Clinton attended the star-studded opening night of “War Paint.” Of course, she also found time to take a photo with the adoring cast, which was made up almost exclusively of liberals.

Prior to the show, Clinton was given a standing ovation as she spoke at the Women in the World summit. Unsurprisingly, she spent most of the appearance whining about how “unfair” her loss was in the election.

“I think it is fair to say that the outside intervention, the combination of the Comey letter on October 28, WikiLeaks which played a much bigger role than I think many people understand yet, had the determinative effect,” she said.

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