Anti-Trump Protesters BLOCK TRAFFIC On Highway, Then Get A NASTY Surprise

Over the past few years, liberals have taken to blocking traffic on highways to force people to submit to their ridiculous agendas. When Barack Obama was in office, he made it impossible for lawmakers to put a stop to this nonsense.

Now that Donald Trump is in power, however, Republican lawmakers are finally free to fight back.

WDIO reported that the Minnesota House just voted to shut down an amendment that would have removed part of the public safety finance bill that would increase penalties for protesting that blocks traffic, transit lines or at an airport. The measure failed in a 56-75 vote that was mostly along party lines after lawmakers heatedly debated it for hours.

Democrats called the measure a thinly veiled attempt at stifling disenfranchised groups’ right to protest, but Republicans argued it was simply a matter of public safety.

Republican Rep. Nick Zerwas, of Elk River, said that the changes in law would increase safety for police officers and prevent stoppages that have had serious effects on some of his constituents.

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