Michelle Obama Resurfaces With SHOCKING Announcement – NOBODY Saw This Coming…

An image of Michelle Obama has gone viral this week, and the reason why has many scratching their heads.

Newsmax reported that liberals once again showed how ridiculously obsessed they are with Michelle by spreading a photo with her hair pulled back in a low puff, wearing a gray polka dot headband. The photo reportedly went viral because Michelle was showing the “courage” to display her “natural hair.”

“It’s not confirmed exactly where the former first lady is or when the photo was taken ― though Barack Obama is currently writing his memoir in the French Polynesian islands ― but that didn’t stop Twitter from having ad*** fit,” wrote Taryn Finley of The Huffington Post.

“Many social media users noted that they’ve been waiting for this natural hair moment for the longest. Others reveled in the glow of Obama’s melanin,” Finley continued.

Khalea Underwood, of Refinery29.com, wrote that African-American women should be proud to display their natural hair.

“Despite our hopes and wishes, Mrs. Obama opted to straighten her hair throughout her time in the public eye. Until now, it appears,” Underwood wrote. “… But I know that it was worth the wait. We have reached out to Michelle Obama’s hairstylist and team to confirm the authenticity of the photograph and will update this piece when we learn more.”

Frankly, we think Michelle looks ridiculous, and we’re sick of seeing liberals idolize her for no reason.

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