JUST IN: Donald Trump Breaks His Silence About Susan Rice – Sends Her A NASTY Surprise

On Monday, it was confirmed that Barack Obama’s former national security advisor Susan Rice was the official who requested the unmasking of Donald Trump transition officials that were caught up in the surveillance of foreign officials. Now, Trump’s White House has broken his silence about this revelation.

The Daily Caller reported that White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer spoke out on Tuesday to slam “some media outlets” for attempting to defend the Obama administration by downplaying the allegations against Rice.

“I know that she’s supposed to make comments to a host in a few minutes to minimize this, but it is interesting because she was the one who went out and said she quote ‘had nothing to do with this’ on a program a few weeks ago and now…” Spicer said when he was asked if he agreed with Sen. Rand Paul that Rice should testify.

“I think it’s not for me to decide who should testify or how they should do it, but I do think that there is a sharp contrast between a few weeks ago when she was very public in saying she ‘didn’t have any clue what Chairman Nunes was talking about’ and yet now we are finding out that she’s trying to figure out some friendly way of discussing this,” Spicer added.

“Yesterday it was an opportunity, from my understanding, for several people to reach out [on this], and I didn’t hear anything except one network described it as ‘a person close to her,’ which I think is rather interesting,” he continued. “You would assume that if you stood by the comments that you made several weeks ago that you wouldn’t need someone close to you to defend it.”

Spicer was then asked about CNN host Don Lemon calling the Rice claims “a diversion.”

“I’ll let CNN-speak for themselves,” Spicer fired back. “I get that at some point they have invested angle and narrative this, and again I’m not going to go into every turn and twist about this, but I think that as I noted yesterday, the more we find out about this, the more we learn that there was clearly something there.”

“I think it’s interesting that the default from at least some media outlets seems to be to rush to the defense of the Obama administration,” he concluded. “There is an immediate attempt to defend actions like that on one side of the aisle, and an immediate rush to judgment on the other.”

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