JUST IN: Christian Group Moves To BAN Islamic Propaganda In Schools

Separation of church and state, it’s something we always hear from the left. Prayer was forced out of school despite the nation being founded on Judeo/Christian values. Well, if Christianity can’t be “forced” on the children or even mentioned, no other religion can.

According to CBN News, Christian Action Network sent a letter demanding the Department of Education “cease its Islamic education program for the nation’s public schools,”

The Christian Action Network believes this “educational material” is more like indoctrination of our children. The left is a huge believer in Islam being peaceful despite all of the facts and commandments in the Quran.

Christian Action Network says they will file a federal lawsuit if the materials aren’t removed from schools in 60 days.

In one particular book, the children are learning Muslim prayer movements and postures. How is this not causing an uproar? It’s not causing an uproar because of the perpetual, sanctimonious virtue signaling. If it’s not white, Christian male, it’s 100% acceptable. This lesson plan is against one of the most basic tenets of liberals. “Keep that religion out of school…”

There was a search the through the curriculum material for anything similar regarding Catholicism, Judaism, Protestantism, Mormonism, Hinduism, Buddhism, and Taoism that unveiled ZERO results.

Teachers are told to “encourage students to make connections between their own traditions and salt especially in regard to community building and shared traditions.”

More asinine indoctrination by the left. Islamic values are so virtuous!

They are even taught the five pillars of Islam. Why aren’t the taught the New Testament sharing that Jesus Christ is “the way, the truth, and the light”? Oh, because loving, selfless Christianity is evil. They’re even encouraging these kids to meet with Muslim leaders in their community!

Atheists, who tend to lean left, should be calling their representatives. They should be filing lawsuits and questioning the legality of this. President Trump and his cabinet will figure out how to get rid of this without harming test scores. No more Islamic indoctrination!




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