Go On, ‘Make My Day’, Krauthammer Crushes Democrats Who Think They Can Stop President Trump

Krauthammer just spoke his mind about Charles Schumer trying to filibuster Gorsuch and it was awesome. “If Schumer wants to trigger the nuclear option, I would quote Clint Eastwood with those immortal words: ‘Make My Day’, because it would be a disaster for the Democrats,” Krauthammer said.

Gorsuch needs a total of 60 votes, with 52 Republicans only 8 Democrats would have to approve of Gorsuch. Krauthammer believes that if Gorsuch fails, President Trump’s next Supreme Court nominee will be further to the right than Gorsuch.

“It’s going to be a much harder-edged conservative and it will be easy as hell for the Republicans to get him through, or her through, requiring only 51,” explained Krauthammer. In one of his segments, he discussed how President Trump will be able to replace Obamacare.

“I don’t think there’s a reason why it has to be pronounced dead. The president had an ultimatum, he decided he would stick to it, he decided that as a result, he would not be involved. That’s fine,” explained Krauthammer.

“But it still an open question whether the Republicans in the House and in the Senate can negotiate among themselves. They were not that far apart,” said Krauthammer.

“So I think there are several options, I don’t think they are that far apart. I think it’s perfectly reasonable that they could negotiate a deal among themselves, and I do think that in the fall, when Obamacare’s problems are really going to come to the surface, again, spiking premiums and deductibles,” explained Krauthammer. It looks like he has high hopes for the Trump presidency. Check out the video below.



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