Hillary Clinton is Linked To major Crime – She Should Be LOCKED UP

During last year’s presidential election, Hillary Clinton was exposed as a criminal in front of the entire nation. Now, it appears that criminal activities literally run in her blood.

While speaking to a Scranton, Pennsylvania women’s club on St. Patrick’s Day, Clinton reminisced about memories from her childhood. What she did not mention, however, was that she actually comes from a long line of criminals.

Daily Mail reported that Clinton’s great-uncle, George Beale Rodham, was a corrupt political boss in Scranton. A heavy drinker, Rodham served two consecutive four-year terms as a boss-like congressman. During that time, he was accused of both corruption and vice, and he ended his career in disgrace.

Meanwhile, Rodham’s wife Anna May ran a local brothel illegally, and he even helped her with it.

“When you’ve got that kind of business, you do run into certain types of problem,” said his son Donald, Clinton’s cousin. “Sometimes my dad would have to go down and put in a word and get the magistrate to look the other way for a little while. Obviously, once you get a little bit of politics involved, you could straighten anything out.”

Clearly, Clinton and her families are no strangers of corruption and criminal activity. SHARE this story if you are GLAD she is not our president!

SHARE this story if you are glad she is not our president!


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