Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-SC) came riding into convey rational soundness to the intel hearings today on the slope. Without a doubt, we as a whole need to get to the base of the Russian adventure. The examination has been going ahead since July.

Do you really believe that if Obama and his administration had information that would have torpedoed Donald Trump and installed Hillary Clinton he wouldn’t have used it?

Only a starry-eyed liberal still drunk on the hope and change flavored cool aid would believe it. And even then, it would take quite a few glasses.

Conclusion – there’s nothing there. Nothing nefarious to the investigation. Russia may have done it but to say Trump did anything other sit back and laugh his ass off and thank god for his luck is ludicrous.

So, it was good to see Trey Gowdy stand up for truth and justice when he grilled, in a respectful manner as is Trey’s way, James Comey about the investigation.

But as is Trey’s unique style, he came at it from a unique angle.

Earlier, Comey told the House Intelligence Committee hearing, that he had received authorization from the Justice Department to confirm that there is an ongoing investigation into possible “coordination” between President Donald Trump’s campaign and Russia.

Gowdy then turned the investigation around and asked Comey about the leaks. Intelligence leaks are very dangerous and must be taken seriously.

So Trey simply asked Comey to reassure the American people that the FBI is investigating the leak which brought down Trump’s national security adviser Michael Flynn.

“I can’t,” Comey responded.

“But I hope people watching know how seriously we take leaks of classified information. But I don’t want to confirm it by saying we’re investigating it. I’m sorry I have to draw that line, I just think that’s the right way to be.”

Gowdy shook his head in response clearly agitated. Trey ever the gentleman said he wouldn’t argue, but quieted the room with a withering line saying that “he and Comey agree the release of classified information is most definitely a crime.”

The Trey went on the offensive asking Comey if he briefed then-President Barack Obama on “calls involving Michael Flynn.”

Comey declined to answer.

Gowdy went further and asked whether former Obama administration officials James Clapper, John Brennan, Susan Rice, Ben Rhodes, Loretta Lynch, Sally Yates – had access to unmask Flynn’s name.

Comey had no answer again.



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