Trump after meeting with Merkel: Germany owes us a huge amount of money!!!

President Donald Trump said he had “a great meeting” with German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

However, the new US president accused Berlin that NATO owes a huge amount of money and urged Germans to pay more to Americans.

“Even though you heard a lot of false news, I had a great meeting with German Chancellor Angela Merkel. Regardless of this, Germany owes a huge amount of money to NATO and the US must be paid for the powerful and very expensive defense that it provided Germany.

Trump during yesterday’s meeting with Angela Merkel, clearly told that he strongly supports NATO membership, but that the Allies would have to pay what you owe.

“Many countries owe an enormous amount of money and this situation is not just to the United States,” said Donald Trump at the beginning of a joint press conference with German Chancellor Angela Merkel at the White House in Washington.

He noted that these countries must pay their part to obtain guarantees that the rest of the Alliance will defend, reports news agency “AP”. On the other hand, Merkel said that the support of Trump encourages and said that Germany would increase its contribution to the Alliance.

German “Bild” reports that the head of the White House after a conversation he had with Merkel privately in the Oval Office, he was visibly upset, later, during a joint photo he refused to shake hand with the German Chancellor.

H/T Health Planet Online


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