Arkansas Makes massive announcement about Shariah Law

Muslim refugees are desperately trying to force the U.S. to submit to Shariah law. Now, Arkansas is fighting back in a big way.

The Clintons are NOT going to like this…

The House passed a bill last Monday that states that only “American laws” will be authorized to operate in Arkansas legal courts.

It couldn’t be any clear, it screams: “No Sharia Law for you!”

The bill passed 63-24 and is passed on to the Senate for a final say. If the bill indeed passes it will be considered as a precedent for the rest of the states to follow it in order to protect the rule of law grounded Western models of jurisprudence.

It’s a certain step in the right direction for a country that has truly lost its way.

Arkansas Rep. Brandt Smith, a Republican from Jonesboro, backed the crucial legislation. Critics expressed that the bill affects Muslims. We say, judge away.

“Every aspect of a Muslim’s life is dictated by Sharia. The Sharia law is a mixture of sources such as the Quran, the quotes of the prophet and Islamic scholars,” according to the BBC’s official introduction to Sharia.

Islam and Sharia hence are indivisible and mutually supporting, meaning HB-1041 “automatically” involves Muslims by implication, knowing the core nature of Sharia to Islamic life.

According to CBN News, Sharia is most effectively understood, reasonably, as an anachronistic legal structure encouraging brutal justice to those who break its tenets. Steal a loaf of bread and lose a hand. Offend Islam -die. Actually, there are many Muslims see through Sharia: it is the opposite of Western values of personal freedom and human rights.

Sharia is much more than stoning or cutting limbs or public beheading — Sharia is also a spirit. Its spirit is anti the current [Western] civilization. Sharia urges its believers to demolish secular democracy (from the inside) and establish an Islamic state since the law would have no use without a state,” blogs Hasan Mahmud at Muslims Facing Tomorrow.

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