Americans are CHEERING,Obama said something amazing about Michelle

The day after the election of Donald Trump, Twitter was ablaze with heartbroken female Hillary Clinton supporters, exclaiming, “Michelle Obama 2020!”

Excitement for a moment “President Obama” was in confirmation significantly before, after the First Lady’s discourse at the Democratic National Convention was broadly called the best of the whole occasion.

Liberals are holding out an expectation that, with such a thin seat for forthcoming decisions, they could utilize a hero name with great talking hacks—in another previous First Lady.

Here’s some good news, and some bad news: Obama says his wife Michelle “will never run for office.”

The bad news is… how can you believe a word President Obama says?

“Michelle will never run for office,” the president told Rolling Stone in an interview conducted the day after the election. “She is as talented a person as I know. You can see the incredible resonance she has with the American people. But I joke that she’s too sensible to want to be in politics.”

Obama says that after he hands the keys to the White House to President-elect Donald Trump, he plans to “sleep for a couple weeks” and take Michelle “on a well-deserved vacation.”

Obviously, the Obamas have been taking get-aways on the citizens’ dime for all intents and purposes since the day after Barack was confirmed…

In spite of his request, you simply realize that dreadfully numerous American radicals are as of now preparing for a Democratic ticket finished with Michelle Obama, with — who knows? — perhaps Chelsea Clinton in the V.P. spot.

How sad, especially for a nation founded in part to escape the insular tyranny of a monarchy that passed down power through generations of the same family.

What was the point of the American Revolution if the nation is going to stick to voting for the same Bush/Clinton/Obama family dynasties?

H/T Patriot Journal


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