Trump Just Released the 48 Second Video Obama Didn’t Want You to See… Liberals are FURIOUS.

Trump began the day today by impacting the distant media for their scope of Obamacare. They appear to be dumbfounded in the matter of what number of individuals have been harmed by expanded premiums, fewer selections of specialists and healing facilities to utilize, and simply the general actuality that, as one master put it… it’s in a passing winding!

They are so urgent to save Obama’s legacy that they will say anything in regards to it to shield it from being canceled and supplanted.

Today, the Trump White House put out a concise video highlighting Dr. Robin Armstrong, a specialist and furthermore the spouse of a wife who is a bosom disease survivor.

As a man who’s seen Obamacare from both sides of the issue — as a specialist and furthermore supporting his better half — he gives his direct record of the decimation Obamacare has taken a toll on the lives of patients. He even recounts individuals he knows who have totally lost their scope in light of the fact that their premiums went up to such an extent.

The video is posted below and definitely worth watching here because you definitely won’t see it in the mainstream media anytime soon.

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H/T Conservative Brief


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