‘Offended’ Muslims Demand Town Take Down Christian Cross… Watch Them Get A RUDE WAKE UP CALL

A group of “offended” liberals are trying to get across honoring Vietnam Veterans removed from a Florida town by arguing that it violates constitutional law and the separation of church and state. The local mayor, however, isn’t having any of it.

Conservative News revealed that the cross, which has the words “We will always remember their penances” engraved on it, was once some portion of a voyaging Vietnam War commemoration before it settled at Longwood City Hall in Longwood, Florida. The Freedom From Religion Foundation is contending that a Christian image ought no be on an administration building, but rather Longwood Mayor Joe Durso is not throwing in the towel.

“It’s a historical honor that was bestowed on those folks, so we believe it has every right to be in city hall,” he said. “We absolutely believe the cross should stay in City Hall. It was really a generous donation from a veteran who lives in the City of Longwood.”

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