Hillary’s Secret Plot To DESTROY Trump Exposed – Her Confession Will SHOCK You!

With all the interest in Washington, who needs secret books?

We have the chance to watch a spy-thriller story being composed continuously, and given to us section by part for nothing over the web.

We get Russia’s Vladimir Putin uncovering Hillary Clinton’s greatest lie yet, and that is only in the first few chapters.

Like any good novel, we don’t have all the details, and much is revealed a bit at a time.

Some of the “facts” are subject to doubt, and we are left to wonder and speculate as the story progresses. While fortunately there are no dead bodies (uh…at least, we hope not), there is plenty of subterfuge, blackmail, questionable loyalties, etc.

Mr. Assange and his WikiLeaks organization are never far from the news cycle; they just dropped a gigantic intelligence bombshell on America that left everyone wondering, “who’s listening to me NOW?”

And Assange’s latest revelation promises to add yet another chapter in this story that will no doubt be discussed by generations to come.

No one expected Hillary Clinton to be gracious and magnanimous in defeat. But nobody expected THIS.

So while the latest WikiLeaks release is shocking, it’s believable because we know what Hillary is like. Here’s the next chapter in our story, courtesy of Western Journalism:

“WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange asserted Tuesday morning thatHillary Clinton and members of the intelligence community are plotting to replace President Donald Trump with his Vice President, Mike Pence.

Here’s a tweet from Mr. Assange that adds to the story:

Like any good mystery, that news raises as many questions as it answers. The plot then thickens.

If you assume this to be true, what is left unsaid is how President Trump is to be removed from office. Other than just pure spite and revenge, it’s not clear how Hillary would benefit from President Trump’s replacement by Mr. Pence.

We know Democrats have been launching one desperate attack after another at the Trump organization, but perhaps the Crooked Clintons have something else up their dirty sleeves…

Thus, we now have the next chapter in this unfolding story.

Next week begins with the FBI director testifying before Congress, so you can count on watching additional chapters as they are written very soon.

H/T Red White and Right


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