Trump Drops BRUTAL Response To Rapper’s Assassination Video…

Keep in mind when a movie producer made a fake narrative about “the death of George W. Bramble”? At the point when individuals censured it, liberals admonished them to help up — it was “simply workmanship” what’s more, it was secured by the First Amendment.

Clearly, these same liberals went wild every time Bush’s successor, Barack Obama, was even gently derided by preservationists.

Had somebody made an indistinguishable motion picture about Obama, the shock would have been stunning, despite everything we’d be finding out about it. What’s more, as you’ll see underneath, Donald Trump ensured the media did not miss this point.

Conservatives who figured that anti-presidential sentiment on the left couldn’t get any worse than it did under Bush (or even Reagan) must be shocked by the naked hostility being directed towards President Trump. Now a notorious hip – hop artist has raised the bar pretty much as high as it can go:

Snoop Dogg stars in a new politically-charged music video that sees the rapper pull a gun on and “shoot” a parody clown version of President Donald Trump.

Visuals for “Lavender,” a song that first appeared on BADBADNOTGOOD and Kaytranada’s IV, show a clown-faced President “Ronald Klump” holding a press conference where he announces a plan to “deport all dogs.” 

The dog deportation plan spurs Snoop Dogg and a gang of armed men to ambush the parody, President Trump. Snoop points a gun at Trump’s head and pulls the trigger. A giant “BANG” flag pops out.

Now, in case you are wondering, Snoop Dog’s video doesn’t break any laws unless the Secret Service deems it a “credible threat” that constitutes a “clear and present danger” to the commander in chief. And that is unlikely.

In Watts v.s  United States, the Supreme Court ruled that jokes about killing the president are protected speech. Whether or not Snoop Dog’s video qualifies as a joke is debatable, but the musician has decades of case law on his side.

Or, on the other hand, envision if a white rapper like Eminem had done this in 2008? They would have been sunk and perhaps indicted. Be that as it may, rather the Left is praising this as overcome free discourse and a road for liberals to discharge their outrage at their President.

What’s in reality, more fascinating than the video, however, are Snoop Dog’s remarks regarding why he made it:

“I feel like it’s a lot of people making cool records, having fun, partying, but nobody’s dealing with the real issue with this f*cking clown as president.”

That’s odd: Snoop Dog must live in quite a bubble if he doesn’t think that anyone has been recording anti-Trump songs, making anti-Trump speeches at Hollywood awards show, telling anti-Trump jokes in comedy clubs…

Another scene in the video shows a police officer shooting a motorist, which again, according to Snoop Dog, is meant to raise awareness about another issue he thinks no one else is talking about: police involved shootings.

If the subject matter weren’t so somber, the very idea would be laughable. Americans have been treated to almost non-stop reports about police-involved shootings of innocent people (who often turn out to be not so innocent, but that doesn’t prevent rioters from burning down their neighborhoods in “protest…”)

Snoop Dog is a notorious marijuana smoker and advocate. Is it possible that he lives in such a haze of weed smoke that he thinks of himself as the only courageous truth-teller in America?

If ever there was an argument against legalizing pot, it is surely Snoop Dog’s incoherent, unoriginal and nihilistic “music.”

H/T Patriot Journal


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