WATCH: Muslim Migrants RIOT In Ohio – Demand Free Housing While Our Veterans Sleep On Park Benches

In 2012 in Columbus, Ohio many Somali displaced people must be maced by the police over challenges requesting free lodging. This is quite recently the tip of the ice sheet. We now have a President who has the will to take care of the gigantic flood of transients.

From 100percentfedup

Yes, the police were called when hundreds of Somali refugees demanded subsidized housing then rioted. This is sickening because our own veterans are living on the streets yet we import these people and give them housing. While the refugee resettlement agencies will tell you this is paid for…it’s not. Please watch the video below and know that thousands more Muslim refugees have come to Ohio since 2012…Wake up Ohio!

Do you support Trump’s plan to stop migrants entering from nations with known Islamic extremist populations?

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H/T Us Herald


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