WHOA!? College Students Support Special Muslim Freedoms…But Look What They Want For Christians!

I’ve composed over and over of the twofold standard of today’s dynamic cleared out. They as often as possible guard the privileges of specific gatherings, just to backtrack and do the resistance for anybody that doesn’t share their perspectives.

It’s what we jump at the chance to call lip service.

The left love to battle for ladies’ rights unless that lady is a preservationist. We saw that years back when Sarah Palin was running for Vice President. We’ve seen that as of late with Melania Trump. Notwithstanding the way that these ladies are extraordinary cases of solid, effective moms and pioneers, the left has assaulted them violently.

This was additionally valid for Presidential hopeful Ben Carson. He was a dark American who hauled himself out of the inward city of Detroit to end up distinctly a commended neurosurgeon and creator. A fine case for each youthful dark American. Yet, when he kept running as a traditionalist, the left marked him as a figure to ridicule and mock.

This is particularly of the left’s over the top guard of Islam. They appear to need to bear the cost of rights and securities to this gathering they decline to stretch out to Christians. Despite the fact that all religions are ensured on account of the First Amendment, the backward left appears to request acquiescence to their authoritative opinion for Christians that they don’t interest for Muslims.



From Louder with Crowder:

Welcome to UW-Madison. Or, welcome back. Chowderheads have been here before (see Univ. of Wisconsin Offers Class on ‘Problem of Whiteness’ and University of Wisconsin Creates Absurd New List of ‘Racist Microaggressions’).Today we bring you the latest in, “As Religious Freedom Turns.” UW-Madison students seem to think some religious deserve rights, while others not so much.

Everyone agreed that a creative professional should have the foundational freedom to decline work that conflicts with their conscience or beliefs. But, when faced with a situation that goes against current cultural expectations? Like a Christian photographer declining to promote a same-sex wedding? The gears start grinding. If a law that forces someone to promote something against their beliefs is so laughable, so unimaginable…then why is it so difficult to extend the same freedom to a Christian creative professional?

The video is entirely stunning. Every one of the understudies was going to play a part with a fashioner declining to work with the First Lady of the United States. They even grasped the speculative circumstance where a Muslim vocalist declined to work with a Christian church–even if there was a law keeping her from doing as such.

In any case, when a Christian picture taker wouldn’t like to photographic artist a gay wedding? … Ooh! They abruptly sang an alternate tune! Abruptly the rights and convictions of a Christian matter not as much as a neighborhood statute or the longing to make things “reasonable.”

This sort of affectation is raff all through the left–and it’s the reason an ever-increasing number of Americans are deserting them. In the event that you say you are for equivalent rights for all–including the religious freedom of one group–then those rights stretch out to everybody, not only the general population you concur with.

Likewise consider the fraud of liberals guarding Muslims, whose religious convictions frequently contradict their own particular governmental issues. On the off chance that these understudies truly studied what 90% of the Muslims on the planet trusted, they wouldn’t rush to shield them.

However, they do, in light of the fact that their ethically bankrupt teachers and the liberal media disclose to them so. They decline to have an independent mind and even test the thoughts they are compelled to swallow.

Whatever is left of the nation suspects something, people. Also, we will vote as needs be.

H/T Patriot Journal



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