Ben Stein Blasts CNN To Their Faces And Exposes Their True Motives

the media has as of late been flipping out over President Trump’s choice to not go to the White House Correspondents supper. Previous Nixon speech specialist Ben Stein safeguarded Trump’s choice.

Stein clarified that it bodes well that Trump wouldn’t have any desire to go and be the media’s ‘punching sack’ once more. The additional time Trump spreads with the media that more ways they will get the chance to curve the president words around and spread lies and Fake News.

CNN’s Brianna Keilar solicited him what he thought from the president calling the media the foe of the American individuals. Stein didn’t react in a remarkable manner she needed him to.

“I wouldn’t state every one of the media is the foe, however, look, each day you get The New York Times. Ordinary they’re hammering, pummeling, hammering him. I’m an awesome enthusiast of CNN. I watch it reliably consistently. CNN is pummeling him, hammering him, hammering him. Consistently they are searching for an embarrassment,” said Stein.

“They are flipping around the forested areas searching for an embarrassment. They are trusting, I think, to do what they did to Nixon quite a while prior… I don’t point the finger at him for being incensed at them,” said Ben Stein. I’ll wager that is not what she needed to listen. Do you believe he’s privilege?

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